AOC Berated And Screamed At Border Patrol Agent During Texas Visit

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez berated a Border Patrol agent during her 2019 visit to a border station in El Paso, Texas, according to newly obtained government documents.

“I as a woman of color do not feel safe here,” the New York Democrat told a female agent during her July 1, 2019, visit, according to government documents obtained by the Daily Signal through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Ocasio-Cortez went on “to personally admonish and berate” the agent after claiming the agent took a selfie with the congresswoman in the background.

The unnamed agent, however, denied the accusation of taking a selfie to her supervisor and in a memo that day. Her colleagues also denied seeing her take a photo, and her supervisor found no evidence of a picture on her phone.

Read more at Washington Examiner.



  1. Can’t this piece of garbage be impeached or otherwise removed or at least stripped of her congressional privileges? She is a disgrace to America. She hates all the opportunity America afforded her! I want her recalled.

  2. This little bartender twit spoiled “victim”, should be called out by fellow democrat Bob Casey, but unfortunately he has no morals and won’t. Sad day in America.

  3. Sounds about right civility is only demanded from republicans democrats can do whatever they want And B Laudd. As champion of the people

  4. So even there was a “selfie”, what is the problem here? And if the problem is an alleged picture of AOC, then as an office-holding politician, AOC is subject to photographs in public whether she likes it or not.


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