AP: Pence to Attend Event Hosted by QAnon Backers


Vice President Mike Pence and top officials from President Donald Trump’s campaign are slated to attend a Montana fundraiser next week hosted by a couple who have expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to an event invitation obtained by The Associated Press and a review of social media postings.

The hosts of the fundraiser, Caryn and Michael Borland, have shared QAnon memes and retweeted posts from QAnon accounts, their social media activity shows. The baseless conspiracy theory posits that Trump is fighting entrenched enemies in the government and also involves satanism and child sex trafficking.

Beyond Pence, the Sept. 14 fundraiser in Bozeman, Montana, is expected to draw influential figures in the president’s orbit including Kimberly Guilfoyle, a top Trump fundraising official who is dating Donald Trump Jr., GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee finance chairman Todd Ricketts and RNC co-chairman Tommy Hicks Jr., the event invitation shows.

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  1. THE DEEP STATE - CABAL - MOSSAD ARE PANICKING. The world is slowly slowly waking up and learning about their crimes and evil, THANKS TO QANON

    How can something be baseless conspiracy theories when they’re proven with facts galore? They’re hoping to prevent simple naive people from going to 8chan, 4chan, qanon, facebook, twitter and other social media that will open their eyes and minds to horror stories from the elite. The more they’re trying to cover it up, the more the public detects that they seem uneasy about everyone finding out about the atrocities committed by the high-ranking elite. Millions have joined the last few months.

    For the people who think this entire QAnon thing and the global…

    • yeah right. Matzah is baked with the blood of innocent babies, and I suppose, fed to the dogs. It would be very funny except it is not.

      • So you agree that lockdowns are to shoot the fever out of the people and annihilate headaches and diarrhea. Why else would the US deploy millions of soldiers plus an additional million reserve soldiers all over the world since coronavirus officially began?

    • we all agree the people of hollywood and the elite are full of disgusting trash of that theres no question. But to say that its a cordinated group that controls everything is LUNATIC

  2. Matzav loves to hate Q. They are so misdirected. They think it’s some anti semetic cult. what group political or other is free of anti semites. And if you feel the that entirety of Q is based on anti America belief that is clearly false. They believe the government has been run by evil lords and criminals which there clearly have been in the government. People like Eric Holder who has American blood on his hands with fast and furious. They feel that there is child trafficking going on with Hollywood elites. We do not know that is untrue. In fact in the past few months hundreds of children have been saved by the trump administration from child trafficking. Q claims many Hollywood elites and political leaders serve the satan. We have no way of proving or disproving that. And furthermore just as we believe that Jews as a whole should not be judged by a small individual subgroup within so to we should not judge any other following that way. Q stands much less for anti semetism that the NBA does for BLM and kneeling for the anthem and that should be much more disturbing to us. And the fact that the president is raising money from someone who has enjoyed following the Q movement means zero. The whole story is a non starter. Ridiculous waste of time.

    • Reverse psychology is a technique involving the assertion of a belief or behavior that is opposite to the one desired, with the expectation that this approach will encourage the subject of the persuasion to do what actually is desired.

  3. In other news quid pro quo Joe Biden can’t get a single sentence out even when he’s reading on a teleprompter. He sounds even more foolish when he reads the answers to a question that was just given to him, of a teleprompter.

    More news, camela Harris met with the rapist in Kenosha, WI who was rightfully so shut by police as he attempted to get a weapon from his car, and called him very inspirational. I guess as a shucher he’s very inspirational.


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