APP Report On Early Lakewood School Bussing Features Negative Overtone

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school-busLakewood, NJ – Bus companies that transport students for the township district learned this morning that they will have to ask their drivers to start work earlier this school year to accommodate the private school children who will be begin classes the last week of August.

Some bus contractors, officials and private school leaders learned of the change Wednesday morning when the news was announced by school board President Carl Fink.

“I just leaned (sic) about this two minutes ago,” said Gus Kakavas, transportation consultant for the school district.

Read the APP report.

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  1. I recall in past years when school started early, the bus service didn’t start until September 1. While I’m sure the parents appreciate bus service as soon as school starts, I wonder if it’s worth getting people upset at our community once again. On the other hand, all those cars on the roads, instead of buses wouldn’t be too pleasant either.

  2. Stop Yelling!!

    I am sure that the parents and schools are relieved to hear this. What a nightmare school opening would be with all that carpool traffic!! And, bus drivers, I appreciate the great job you do and commiserate with you that you have to start early. But look at the bright side. You will have most of September off.

  3. The government, township etc. are there to serve the people in their community (the very people a who are paying their salaries) that’s why if this community needs buses in August – they should and will get it.


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