Agudah Files Lawsuit Against Cuomo For Closing Shuls

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Agudath Israel of America released the following statement:
Governor Cuomo’s surprise mass closure announcement today, and limit of 10 individuals per house of worship in “red zones,” is appalling to all people of religion and good faith. We have been down this path before, when religious practices were targeted for special treatment by the Governor’s Executive Order in May. A suit was filed challenging the Governor’s Order then (in which Agudath Israel filed an amicus brief), and the court found it unconstitutional. Repeating unconstitutional behavior does not make it lawful.
Moreover, it should be made clear that the Governor’s reference to a “good conversation” he had earlier today with a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders was largely a one-way monologue, and contained no mention of this new plan.
Agudath Israel intends to explore all appropriate measures to undo this deeply offensive action.
A final message to our community: We have considerable concerns that Governor Cuomo’s capricious actions will weaken compliance with good health practices. We cannot allow our – perhaps justifiable – anger at government to imperil our neighbors’ health.


    • i think they changed it (but only in the actual print headline not in the URL) but still sounds like they already filed a lawsuit which to the best of my knowledge abt the info in this article is not true

  1. Please, Please, Please, unless there is a decision from the court before yom tov, which is extremely unlikely, lets all COMPLY with the law. The failure to comply and G-d forbid , violence and riots will be a disastrous Chilul Hashem .

    • 8:12pm, DON’T COMPLY, you fool; just grow up and fight back, or just give up and become a goy – Am Yisroel might just be better without little traitors like you. By the way, a real Chilul H would be a compliance; fighting against the enemies of H, for our right to do Avodas H is a real Kidush H – the opposite of your confused misdefinition. Basically, if the non-righteous goyim like something than it has a 99% chance of being a Chilul H. When Avrohom Avinu smashed Terach’s idols, all the goyim were furious, yet it was a pure Kidush H, you know.

    • think think think… hoshana raboh & shemini atzeres are holy & powerful days bruchnius .. those are our ” misssles ” to get out of this mess … how can one just easily water them down … we will deal with this after yomtov. for now our neshomos need alll we can get from these yom tov days
      i guarantee there will be no riots nor violence.. ( even a bunch of noisy bucherim on 13 ave is not violence or riots

  2. The Agudah press release does not state that the Agudah has or will file a lawsuit against Cuomo. It states the following:
    Agudath Israel intends to explore all appropriate measures to undo this deeply offensive action.
    Your headline is misleading.

    • There is solid info that agudas yisrael intends to file a lawsuit (presumably today or tommorow) but they have not done so yet .

  3. Should have filled the lawsuit back in March. Once you fall into the Pharaoh’s precedent, you can’t just walk away – you are stuck in Shibud Mitzraim. It would have been a relatively minor effort to keep shuls open (with voluntary social distancing, if you wish) back in March; it would take some physical violence and major civil disobedience to keep shuls open at this stage. And let’s admit, our community doesn’t have the backbone for this kind of struggle. Basically, we will be stepped upon, our first-amendment constitutional rights shattered, until a Supreme Court decision a decade later or so. All thanks to the fools who capitulated back in March. Perhaps it’s a good thing: this way our community will divest from NY and NJ, rebuild in the free conservative states, and will get a leadership based on merit, not on connections or descent.

  4. New York has never had such a big ANT-SEMITE in its history. AG Barr already said last time that “religious practices” are essential and no executive order can go against the law and freedom of religion.
    Jews and all religious people have their constitutional rights

  5. our community supported every one of these left wing, looney Democrats for years and years. Now all we have from their misguided support is tears and tears.
    Don’t vote blindly. Do some research. You’ll find that 9 out of 10 times you’re better off voting Republican.
    (Maybe 10 out of 10 times)

  6. Even if you’re not involved and don’t see it and fake news will not tell you, the world is at war now and shuls and schools cannot be open. President Trump clearly stated we’re fighting the invisible enemies. He was not referring to some bogus virus, but actual 2-legged enemies who’ve infected the world for centuries. Remember when he called up over a million reservists besides the troops that are already out there fighting?


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