Apple Helped US Government Create Top-Secret Ipod

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David Shayer was sitting at his desk in 2005 when his boss’s boss at Apple asked him to take on a “special assignment” for the company: help the US Department of Energy build a “top secret” iPod.

Shayer, one of the early software engineers hired to work on the first iPod, detailed the request this week in a blog post. In addition to the head of iPod software, who approached him that day, Shayer claimed only two others within Apple knew about the project: the vice president of the iPod division and the senior vice president of hardware. All those involved have since left the company, he said.
Shayer said he met with two engineers from Bechtel, a US defense contractor, and was told they would build the iPod — all he had to do was provide any assistance they required from Apple. The iPods had to look and function like regular iPods, but would contain some custom hardware that could record data and not be detected by the average user, Shayer said.
Read more at CNN.


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