Arab Demonstrators at Al Aqsa Mosque in Yerushalayim: “May America Be Destroyed”

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arabsIn a video of an Arab demonstration outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Yerushalayim that was posted on the Internet on July 12, a Palestinian cleric shouts slogans and the crowd repeats: “Allah Akbar. May America be destroyed.” “May France be destroyed.” “May Rome be conquered.” “May Britain be destroyed.” “The Caliphate shall return.” “The Caliphate is the solution.”

“Down with America and with all its dogs.”

“Whoever negotiates with America is a collaborator and a coward.” “Down with peaceful solutions.”

Read the full remarks here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is the reason they look like this today,since their hate knows no bounds they are killing each other in syria and they care about america theese mindless hatemongers will be destroyed by their own hate.

  2. and KERRY is talking to the terrorists – they’re from Israel not from Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or others. HASHEM yishmereinu.

    and Obama is sending them money to scream “Down with AMERICA”


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