Arab Knesset Member Calls IDF Soldiers ‘Murderers,’ Now Faces Impeachment

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today he will examine the possibility of having Arab Member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi impeached following a speech in which she called Israel Defense Forces soldiers “murderers.”

Netanyahu spoke to Israel’s attorney general “to examine the process of ousting Zoabi from the Knesset,” the prime minister wrote on Twitter.

“In her actions and her lies, [Zoabi] crossed every line and there is no room for her in the Knesset,” wrote Netanyahu.

Zoabi, a member of the Joint Arab List political party, also demanded that Israel apologize to “political activists” who participated in the 2010 Gaza flotilla that was intercepted by the Israeli Navy while it attempted to breach the Gaza blockade. Nine Turkish militants were killed in clashes after the Israeli commandos who boarded the flotilla. The newly reached Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal includes $20 million in Israeli compensation for the families of the Gaza flotilla casualties.

Herself a passenger on the flotilla in 2010, Zoabi claimed that Israel agreed to compensate the families because the nine Turks were “murdered.” She also said the reconciliation deal is an admission of guilt by Israel with regards to the flotilla incident.

A shouting match ensued between Zoabi and a number of Knesset members. Zoabi was removed from the stage and three complaints were filed against her with the Knesset’s Ethics Committee.

Zoabi has been previously suspended from the Knesset for four months over meeting with terrorists’ families. She is planning to participate in a women’s flotilla to Gaza in September.




  1. Having this machshefa in the Kneset is like having a KKK member as part of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

  2. All this political jargon with this lowlife dog, but yet the corrupt Israeli government views Ettinger as a greater threat.


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