Arab League Warns That US Recognizing Yerushalayim As Israeli Capital Would ‘Fuel Extremism’

trump saudi arabia

The Arab League warned on Saturday that President Trump’s potentially forthcoming decision to recognize Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital city would “fuel extremism” and violence in the region.

“Today we say very clearly that taking such action is not justified … It will not serve peace or stability, but will fuel extremism and resort to violence,” Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a statement, according to Reuters.

“It only benefits one side; the Israeli government that is hostile to peace,” he continued. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Thus far, Islam itself has been both the fuel and the fire of extremism. Did the League mean that it will add MORE fuel to the preexisting conflagration that is their very religion?

  2. Please. As if the chayos need “fuel” for their “extremism.” They are mindless, vicious murderers and don’t need any excuse to perpetrate their evil.


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