Arab Students in Israel Are Learning Yiddish

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hijab-arabSamah Jayosi, 24, a headscarf-wearing Muslim Palestinian citizen of Israel, is one of about 70 Israeli Arabs enrolled in courses at Bar-Ilan University’s Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies, where they account for almost a quarter of the institution’s students this year.

For Jayosi, studying Yiddish is at least partly a bid to bolster coexistence between Israel’s Jewish majority and Arab minority.

Mohamad Eissa, 22, an optometry student at Bar-Ilan and enrolled in a Yiddish course, said he was concerned initially about discrimination. “I hesitated to come to this university, but the studies are good, I have both Jewish and Arab friends and haven’t met with any racism,” he said. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Many stupid and paranoid comments here.

    How could speaking Yiddish with an Arabic accent pose a security threat?

    I studied Yiddish at the Hebrew University in Jérusalem and the class was filled with Muslim Israelis. All they wanted was another way to understand their fellow citizens.

    Hard to accept, but not everybody hates the Jews…

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