Arab Worker Fulfills Hashovas Aveidah of Thousands of Shekels

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An Arab cleaning worker employed by the Beitar Illit municipality found an envelope containing thousands of shekels. Rather than keeping the money for himself, he wished to return it to its owner.

Since the worker was unable to write in Hebrew, he asked people on the street to write up signs announcing his find that he could hang up.

A short time later, the person who lost the money contacted him, expressing heartfelt appreciation. The mayor of Beitar presented the worker with a certificate of appreciation and a gift in recognition of his honesty and integrity.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I would like to see Rabbi Hoffman explore and explain, clarify and verify if an Arab, or any non-Jew, can “fulfill” the mitzvah of hashovas aveidah.

  2. The Arabs who work in frum communities in Israel are very influenced by the frum Jews. They
    will respect what a rabbi decides, they say Baruch Hashem,and bezrat hashem;and I guess this Arab here was influenced by jews always doing the mitzvah of hashevat avada.
    So yes, to the question is it a kiddush Hashem , yes because it is so a part of a way of life for us that the Arabs naturally follow in suit and mimic our behavior.

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