Arabs Stab Young Yid in Yerushalayim

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kever-shimon-hatzaddikAn apparent nationalistic terror crime was perpetrated in Yerushalayim this evening. Assailants believed to be Arabs stabbed a charedi Jew, aged around 20, at the “hotels junction” near the kever of Shimon Hatzaddik. The victim ¬†was reportedly in moderate condition and conscious before he was evacuated to a hospital.

The victim and a friend were walking back from davening at the kever of ¬†Shimon HaTzaddik toward Me’ah She’arim when two Arabs aged around 18 accosted them.

According to the friend, the Arabs stabbed the victim in the leg several times.

Yehuda Amitai, a medic for Ichud Hatzalah, told Arutz Sheva that the event was reported at around 9 p.m.. “When we arrived at the scene we saw the victim near the Etz Hazayit Hotel. He had been stabbed several times in the area of the leg, and after initial treatment he was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital.”

“Following the attack, the Arabs in the neighborhood began getting rowdy, there were fisticuffs between the Arabs and police, including rock throwing and rioting. Large police forces are still pouring in and trying to restore order and catch the terrorists.”

The stabbers escaped. Police have arrested two suspects.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. Whats going to be , this happend so many time why dont we learn cerity they way at least we can fight back, and then we wouldnt get stabbed. Hashem rachem !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dearest “A Caring Yid,”

    I would be tempted to allow you to make your emotional screams and shake my head off to the side thinking how sad that Jews react like this. But, in such a public forum, a protest must be made.

    Perhaps it feels good for you to make a call to violence and toss in some Yiddish to validate, but it’s a)wrong and b)ugly.

    It’s wrong because a mass call for violence isn’t the way of the Torah. (If you want to accuse me of a “ghetto mentality,” that’s fine. It’s better than a “kochi u’oztem yadi mentatlity.”)

    It’s ugly because when you make such emotional cries, the non-frum or non-Jews who read these comments think that this is the thinking of Torah Jews.

    We turn to Hashem for our protection. We don’t commit genocide! Not even ain mohl faar alle mohl!!

    Learn more and davin more. Hashem is our protection faar alle mohl! Genug shoin!


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