Are Jews Safe In Australia?

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Rav Shmuli Feldman, a fourth-generation Australian, denied a New York Times report which quoted him as saying that he felt unsafe in Australia.

“I think we’re lucky to live in Australia,” he told JTA. “Our political leaders and law enforcement officers condemn hatred and anti-Semitism. However, with people still at large who have targeted my home and my family, including five little children, I feel currently a lot less safe in our own home for the first time ever.”

A recent report found a nine percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents over the past year in Australia, with 230 incidents by Sept. 30, and a 20 percent rise over the past two years. Rav Feldman admitted that he dreads another attack on his suburban Canberra home similar to an episode on Sukkos, when passengers approaching his home screamed anti-Semitic epithets.

“Rocks and eggs are regularly thrown at our home and the Chabad center,” he told JTA. “It’s not safe for our children to play in our garden. We see incidents at our home or the center around every three weeks.”

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  1. Get yourself a big dog. A German Shepard type. I used dogs years ago in my business. It works wonders. I recall having this big Doberman in my van and seeing on 9 ave in Boro Park a group of hoodlems threw a rock at a yeshiva bus pulling out. I drove into the spot the bus drove out and got out of my van and yelled at the gang and it’s leader who was holding a stick, drop that stick. For a moment they were startled. Who is this guy in a white shirt and black jacket with tzizas hanging yelling at them. They of course hesitated and I slid my side door of my van open and out came this big black Doberman. They ran like mice being chased by a cat. They never dreamed a frum Heimish guy had such a dog. The rabbi should get two big dogs and no one will bother him or his family.

      • First of all my dogs I had were kept in a basement at my business on shabbos. It is true a dog is mukzah. You can’t pick him up or move him with your hands. The rabbi in Australia should keep the dogs in his yard and dog house. He can cordon off the area so the dogs don’t interfere with his shabbos day. The trick is to put up big warning dog signs and if any one gets close and hears or sees these dogs they will think twice in messing with his family. I’m not saying to keep a dog in your home if your living in a small apartment and no yard unless your in a serious dangerous area. Dogs will come running and barking if anyone tries to break in or attack the house 24 hours. They can sense their owner a block away. I recall the dogs I kept in a basement would start barking when I was still driving a block away. If I lived on Israel in areas that were dangerous I would keep several trained dogs so that my family would be safe. Dogs are very useful. Had the Israeli army used dogs to capture the flotilla boat that came in to Gaza instead of soldiers,the soldier who lost his ear would still have his ear. So too soldiers who went into tunnels and got shot by hidden terrorist would be alive. You send in a dog. You send in dogs with cameras and explosives if need be.

  2. Are Jews safe in Israel? How many Jews were killed last year in hate crimes in Israel and how many in the US, with a comparable Jewish population?

  3. Australia is a huge country, almost the size of continental United States. To make a headline like this one, based on the experiences of a community of 1000 Jews, to say that the other 110,000 Jews across Australia are unsafe isn’t true.


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