Are We Responsible for the Chillul Shabbos of Irreligious Jews?

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Shabbos is the true sign of a Torah observant Jew, and someone who doesn’t keep it is deemed a kofer b’ikar. And we, as the bearers of this sign, need to strengthen ourselves in this topic so our influence should spread to the irreligious Jews. The Brisker Rav points out that Yom Kippur is so much more widely observed than Shabbos, because it’s our attitude that spreads even to assimilated Jews. Join R’ Yitzchok Sorotzkin as he helps us upgrade our shemiras Shabbos with his meaningful insights. 

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  1. That’s for that for so many of the younger Generations it is perceived as a reasonable question shows how far We’ve become from comprehensive Judaism
    There are many out there surrounding us who imagine they practice every jot and tittle for themselves in their own families are essentially practicing individualize self-centered pseudo-religion

    The answer is obvious
    unfortunately sad that we got to the that headline
    shabbos 54


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