Are You Living with the Guilt of Unpaid Debt?

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Have you ever accidentally damaged someone’s car or other property? Did you borrow money or an item and wish you can return it but have no idea to whom? Do you owe money to business or an organization that no longer exists?

There is one area for which the ordinary process of Teshuva, and even Yom Kippur, do not suffice to clear us of our misdeeds – that is the realm of bein odom l’chaveiro – sins between man and fellow man. When it’s simply a question of a personal offense – one has to ask for forgiveness. If it’s a monetary obligation, the debt must be paid up.

But what happens when we don’t even know to whom we owe whom to pay? 

Keren Neki Kapayim is an innovative halachic solution developed by leading rabbonim for the return of unknown debts and misplaced assets.

Today’s contemporary business world is highly complex. Deals are often put together involving multiple entities without clear halachic parameters regulating the ownership of such entities. In many instances, disputed money cannot be collected due to ambiguity in the terms of the deal or the halachic identity of the owner. While this money might not be collectible in a Bais Din here in this world, or perhaps even in court, the Shulchan Aruch clearly stipulates the obligation to pay up lotzeis yedei Shomayim –one’s obligation to the Heavenly court. Moreover, the fact that the money remains in the hands of the muchzak does not by any means make it his. Often there is no way to figure out who the real owner is.

Anyone who drives a car knows the feeling of driving down a tight street or pulling out of a tight parking spot. Did I make that dent or was it there before? Sometimes, we just assume the latter. Other times, we spend hours looking for the owner but to no avail.

How often do we find ourselves short on cash and in need of a quick loan?

What about when we borrow a pen or a cell phone charger? How often do they end up not being returned? How many things do we have lying around our home that we have no idea from whom they were borrowed?

Can we stand before Hashem pleading for mercy; promising to turn over a new leaf; asking for brachos for ourselves and our loved ones, when our hands are sullied by money that’s not ours?

The Five-Step Process

The return process begins with Keren Neki Kapayim accepting custodial guardianship of the funds. The Keren dayanim then perform a hakna’ah to the true owner of the funds, effectuating an immediate & complete hashavah on the interim, the Keren deposits the funds in a Gemach, accumulating eternal zechusim for the owner by lending out the funds based on the principle of zachin le’adam shelo be’fanav. Before transferring the funds to the Gemach Keren Neki Kapayim formally accepts full responsibility to for the money ubtil the coming of Moshiach, when it will be handed over to their rightful owner. Finally, a full and complete atonement is achieved immediately for the payer, with the money having been effectively returned to the possession of true owner, generating infinite zechusim on his behalf.

Now, at the behest of the American community, the Keen has opened offices here in the United States, in advance of the forthcoming Ma’amad Hashavah this Erev Yom Kippur. The Ma’amad Hashava here in the US is scheduled for this coming Sunday, Erev Yom Kippur, at 3:00 PM .To take part in this year’s Ma’amad Hashavah, click here or  call the Neki Kapayim hotline today at 732. 569.9740.


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