Are You Ready for Oorah’s Shmorg 5? Get a Taste Now

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shmorg-5As the Purim season is deep into its exhilarating buzz, thoughts might briefly turn to the upcoming Pesach cleaning season. One very good reason why you should be thinking of Pesach already is Oorah’s Shmorg 5.

The three-disc edition of the biggest and best Shmorg to date is now available from Oorah for your $100 donation to Oorah’s auction. All three discs – Shmorg Tales, Shmorg Tunes, and Shmorg Tube – are amazing, fascinating, and you won’t want to miss a single one  of them. And the best deal of all is if you order now, you’ll have Shmorg 5 right on time to entertain your kids while you do your Pesach cleaning.

Shmorg Tales, starring Fiveish and his friends, follows a fun-filled adventure as they embark upon a fascinating journey to a far-flung island. Experience the excitement and danger as Fiveish and his pals try to escape the clutches of its strange inhabitants, while discovering a shocking secret on the island. This audio story CD is a great listen for the whole family, and a perfect accompaniment for those long chol hamoed car trips! Hear the trailer for Shmorg Tales here!

Shmorg Tunes gives you the very best in Jewish music with eleven beautifully sung tracks, performed by some of the most talented artists in the industry. With a combination of toe-tapping numbers and soul-stirring compositions, Shmorg Tunes will leave all listeners entertained and inspired. Listen to a sampler of Shmorg Tunes here!

With a running time of nearly four hours, Shmorg Tube DVD packs a whopping array of entertainment suitable for kids (and kids at heart!). From exclusive productions of Abie Rottenberg classics, to inspiring segments by noted author Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky, to the Living Torah’s a fascinating, in depth look at birds in the Torah, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Shmorg Tube. Watch the trailer of Shmorg Tube here!

As always, this incredible collection is not available in any stores – Shmorg 5 is a donor exclusive! Donate to Oorah Auction to receive your copy – and order NOW to ensure you’ll have it delivered to your home in time for Pesach cleaning!

Aside from the hours of entertainment, you’ll be getting the satisfaction of knowing that your money is hard at work, sending kids to yeshiva, pairing up Torah Mates, running TheZone programs and supporting all the good work that Oorah does.

Don’t miss your chance to order Shmorg 5. Donate now to get your own copy.

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  1. Shlomo M’s comment: Achim yeaikrm (Dear brothers),I personally never experienced such diversity and achdus (unity) of Yidden (Jews) at the same time- it was an incredible experience and left me inspired to forge binding connections with every Yid and Avinu Shebashamayim (our Father in Heaven). How appropriate to have had that special opportunity as we entered the 3 weeks and intensified mourning for the churban (destruction of the Temple) and galus (exile). I sensed a taste of the geula (redemption) at TheZone, with all of the camaraderie, Yalili competitions and Kol Torah (not to mention to ever-present feasting!)May we all be zoche (merit) to welcome the Shabbos Queen in the fields of Yerushalayim b’meheira b’karov (speedily, soon)!


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