Argentine President Refuses To Apologize For Anti-Semitic Slur


argentinas-president-christina-fernandez-de-kirchnerArgentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has refused to apologize for anti-Semitic remarks she posted on Twitter last week in which she compared investment funds contributing to Argentina’s extensive national debt to William Shakespeare’s famous Jewish antagonist Shylock, playing on the old anti-Semitic claim of Jews trying to control global finance.

Fernandez tweeted the remarks following a visit to a Buenos Aires school, where she told 10-year-old students that to understand Argentina’s economic crisis, they should read Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice.” In that play, Jewish moneylender Shylock is portrayed as a greedy ruthless usurer.

“No, don’t laugh. Usury and bloodsuckers have been immortalized in the greatest literature for centuries,” Kirchner tweeted.

Kirchner has not only refused to apologize for the remarks, which have caused uproar in the country’s large Jewish community, but she also mocked her critics by saying that “The Merchant of Venice” was performed at the Habima Theater in Israel.


{ Newscenter}


  1. So what else is new? Some are more adept in whitewashing it, but sooner or later it comes out into the open!

  2. Organize a BDS against Argentina for 6 months and she’ll come running for us to excuse her stupid, bigotted remarks.
    I’m more concerned that she engaged in brainwashing little 10 year old children. That’s what the Palestinians do.

  3. She also killed her AG because he was closing in on her involvement in the bombing of the Jewish Center together with Iran. She is a ruthless murderer and should take responsibility for her failed economy, instead of regurgitating what Spanish Catholics hav been libeling for centuries.

  4. Its amazing the writing is on the wall, just like it was before world war 2, and again we choose toignore it. The difference is, we have Eretz Yisroel but we jews have difficulty leaving . We will find every excuse not to go to Eretz Yisroel. It is amazing really . So smart and yet so ……..


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