Ari Goldwag – Lamdeini [Official Video] ארי גולדוואג – למדני – קליפ רשמי


The Lamdeini fundraising campaign ended Monday night at midnight raising close to $60,000, an incredible achievement for the Yerushalayim based tutoring organization that helps students connect to their Gemara learning. “The worldwide response to Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits’ call to support Lamdeini was unprecedented,” says Rabbi Meir Oratz, founder and director of Lamdeini. “Especially on a communal level, so many individuals here in Yerushalayim generously donated their resources to make this campaign a success.”  

Rabbi Berkovits invested tireless efforts in personally leading the campaign and raising significant funds, despite his innumerable communal responsibilities and packed schedule as Rosh Yeshivah of Aish Hatorah, Rosh Kollel, and leading posek of the English speaking community. This clearly demonstrates Rabbi Berkovits’ passionate belief that helping our children succeed in their learning is nothing less than hatzalas nefashos! Rabbi Oratz also highlights the tremendous enthusiasm of parents whose children have been tutored by Lamdeini and the valuable role they played in getting the campaign off the ground. He also notes the participation of mothers who felt this cause was so crucial, they even volunteered to call local families to canvass their support. 

The response to Ari Goldwag’s clip featuring a brand new song about Lamdeini was simply overwhelming. “Viewing the struggles faced by a young boy who wanted nothing more than to understand his learning and hearing Ari’s new composition was a moving experience that left people inspired to help Lamdeini,” relates Rabbi Oratz. “The stirring song so beautifully conveyed the challenges in learning Gemara and the need for intervention. Many fathers became emotional recalling the difficulties they endured in their childhood understanding and enjoying their Gemara classes.” Rabbi Oratz is so grateful to Ari for his devotion to Lamdeini and sparing no effort in releasing his clip just in time for Lamdeini’s campaign.


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