Ariel Sharon’s Condition Deteriorates

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ariel-sharonComatose former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s condition deteriorated today, according to Israeli media reports.

According to Channel 2, a spokesperson for Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer said Sharon’s condition began taking a turn for the worse in recent days. Doctors said Sharon was suffering from renal failure.

Sharon, who has been in a vegetative state since 2006, suffered a “significant deterioration in his condition” according to Ynet, and a family member told Haaretz that if his medical condition does not improve “it will be a matter of days.”

In September, doctors reinstalled a feeding tube in Sharon’s digestive system. It proceeded without incident and the former prime minister was returned to the hospital’s Department of Respiratory Care and Rehabilitation, where he has been treated in recent years.

Sharon, 85, was prime minister from 2001 until suffering a second stroke that left him comatose in 2006. The previous year, he initiated and carried out Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip, ordering the removal of all Israelis from the territory.

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