Arizona Looking To Restart Executions With Gas Used By Nazis At Auschwitz

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In a bid to jumpstart its long-frozen execution program, the southwestern US state of Arizona has renovated its gas chamber and purchased the ingredients to make cyanide gas, better known as “Zyklon B,” the chemical used by the Nazis at the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and other death camps.

The details were reported over the weekend by the UK’s Guardian news site,  based on documents obtained through public records requests.

They showed that Arizona authorities spent some $2,000 purchasing a solid brick of potassium cyanide in December, along with sodium hydroxide pellets and sulfuric acid, which are intended to be used to generate the deadly gas.

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  1. The reason why they have to resort to a poison gas is because the pharmaceutical cartel refuses to sell intravenous drugs used in executions to the states. If the government doesn’t execute the murderous predators, then it creates a feeling of impunity amongst the street thug terrorists, which in turn endangers the entire society. So, if these life-saving executions can only be done with a cyanide gas, then let it. Each predator execution saves dozens of innocent lives in the long term.

  2. L’maaseh, the Germans perfected the art at efficiently killing people so it makes sense to use the products recommended by the experts.

  3. The end of civilization is the lawless eye. But how Hashem is dealing with us today is too high to meet with even crazy wrath.

    I call myself to say that it is time to even stop visiting Auschwitz. Why go there?

    Just a mood for this nation because there is too much in war to enjoy a commentary ever. If this was initially only used for execution of murders, one would have a much different philosophical debate. But how good I love Hashem to know as a jew I will never wish to discuss this matter as my work.

    Life wonders so much. Cross me in as a jew who will never to to Auschwitz. I could not bear to wish the dirt to wash off my body and clothing. It seems even rude that the wrong ideas are also the very unfortunate jews who forget that we are kosher. The go and go is their mind that wants to be more “jewish” to itself. It goes to Auschwitz to think it knows the emotion of Israel.

    A sense says who is indecent. Worlds that will rehash it to cross and burden.

    Believe in a sense that good universe would stop the visits and more so, who can not take their crazy thought to capital punishment. A world wonders real mad the humane day.

  4. All has to do with election audit that they’re panicking about. They’ve had 1000 lawyers trying to stop the election audit in Arizona because once Arizona falls the other states will fall like dominoes.

  5. Unlike Holocaust victims who absolutely were not deserving of the gas chamber nor any form of deaths, the savages to whom Arizona would be administering this visit to the gas chamber are well deserving of it.
    This visit to the gas chamber must also be done in full public view in town square, to deter all future savages.

  6. Only Sanhedrin had the power to sentence someone to death, and if it happened once in 70 years, it was considered a cruel Sanhedrin.
    Society needs to be protected from murderers, but killing them is not the only way.

    • 8:56, you are factually wrong. What you said regarding Sanhedrin applies strictly to Bnei Yisroel. In fact, one of the sheva mitzvos bnei noach is to setup courts to enforce the other six amongst the umos hooilom, and misa is pretty much the only legal punishment available to them.
      Politically, killing the murderers IS the only way, and in the most public way possible, as each righteous execution of a murderer prevents the other hundred psychopaths with a potential to become murderers from acting up on their potential, thereby SAVING LIVES of the potential victims.

  7. This article isn’t accurate. They aren’t looking to replicate the Nazi Zyklon B gas. They are using Zyklon B gas in a combination of ingredients to produce hydrogen cyanide which is the gas that was ALWAYS used in America’s gas chambers. Even before the Nazis came around.

    The reason they are using gas chambers is because “humane” laws do not allow most other forms of execution. Trump wanted to change the (federal) law to ALLOW firing squads because a convict REQUESTED it. Even that was considered very controversial so the change did not happen.


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