Arizona Winter Break Getaway At the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ


-Communicated- Tired of the cold? Had enough of the snow? Come join a warm, relaxing, and enriching Arizona Shabbos Getaway presented by Yeshiva High School of Arizona at the luxurious Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ from Friday, January 20th to Sunday, January 22nd, with extended stay options from January 18-26.

Enjoy a Shabbos filled with inspiring speeches and shiurim, and zemiros alongside R’ Abish Brodt. Delight in Glatt Kosher excellence, with meals prepared for you by Phoenix’s own Kitchen 18/Labella Catering, and indulge in Phoenix, AZ’s unbeatable January weather with separate swimming pools and waterslides. Additional amenities include a fully equipped fitness center, and racquetball, tennis, and squash courts. Palm trees, cacti, and stunning mountain ranges will mesmerize you and elevate your Shabbos.

Enter into a world of warmth and sunshine, extraordinarily beautiful scenery, and our one-of-a-kind Hachnosas Orchim.  You may never want to leave!

Are you fond of bike riding? Stay over on Sunday for the annual Yeshiva High School of Arizona Bike-a-thon where a group of dedicated riders “Ride Together to Build Together.” This enjoyable and challenging event is always a day of amusement for all ages. You can “Register Ride and Raise,” or simply drop by and experience a fun outing while benefiting Yeshiva High School of Arizona’s Building Fund.





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