Video: Armed Bank Robber Nabbed in Boro Park After Failed Heist, Carjacking and Wild Chase by Shomrim


boro-park-bank-robbery[Video below.] An armed bank robber was nabbed in a Brooklyn alley by cops yesterday following a failed heist, a carjacking and a wild chase involving the Shomrim neighborhood patrol.The 39-year-old held up an Apple Bank on 13th Ave. at 46th St. in Borough Park about 1 p.m., but was forced to flee empty-handed when members of the Shomrim neighborhood patrol arrived on the scene, police sources said.

As the robber fled, he fired two shots into the ceiling, hitting no one, the sources said.

The robber hopped into a silver Toyota Camry and tried to escape down 13th Ave., but got stuck in traffic and ditched the car on 47th St., said Marc Katz, one of the members of the Shomrim Patrol who chased the suspect.

Once the robber bailed out of the Camry, he was tackled by an unidentified good Samaritan and then by Katz and company.

“We jumped him,” Katz said. “As were were jumping him, he took a gun out. He shot.”

The shot missed, but gave the robber a chance to run away. He sprinted a few blocks down 13th Ave. and then carjacked an Asian woman at gunpoint near 49th St.

As the robber forced the woman out of her white Nissan, Katz said he tried to coax him into surrendering by pretending his radio was a gun.

“I took my radio, I said, ‘You put it down or I shoot!'” Katz said, noting that the robber pushed the woman out of the way and jumped behind the wheel.

But traffic blocked the robber’s escape yet again, forcing him to make another break for it, Katz said.

The robber fired once again, intentionally shooting into the ground as the Shomrim members pursued him into a residential yard in the vicinity of 48th St., Katz said.

Desperate, the robber ran down a nearby alley, where NYPD detectives caught up with him and placed him under arrest, Katz said.

Police officials confirmed that the suspect was collared in the alley by detectives from the 66th Precinct. Charges were pending against the robber, who was not immediately identified.

Members of the Emergency Service Unit were searching the area for the robber’s handgun, police said.

Click below for video:

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  1. katz could have gotten killed, for what for the banks money… no jew was robbed or hurt, use you brains..the outcome could have been bad.

  2. — As the robber forced the woman out of her white Nissan, Katz said he tried to coax him into surrendering by pretending his radio was a gun.

    “I took my radio, I said, ‘You put it down or I shoot!’” Katz said…

    Yes, Yes.. Shomrim do great work, they are all Tzadekim….But pursuing and tackling a gun totting thief – that has already fired a shot?!? Then faking that you too have a weapon.

    Are yo crazy? Thats a good way to get someone killed.

    Leave bank robbers for the cops, please. We don’t need a hero that badly.

  3. Many other innocent bystanders could have gotten hurt or killed ch”v. That’s what Katz and company are there for. Keep up the good work Shomrim!

  4. Baruch Hashem no one was hurt. I love that not once but twice, the robber was stopped by… not Shomrim, not NYPD, Boro Park TRAFFIC! This proves what I have been saying for years, It is impossible to shop in Boro Park if you need to get there by car. Not such a great idea to try robbing banks there either.

  5. omg i was there when it happened and i was outside and i heard people running and screaming hysterically to run for your life i thought it was a bomb first i said tehilim as people fled away and the bank robber ran right by me wow was that an expirience the feeling was unexplainable bh they were caught and bravo to katz and the shomrim they truly riskrd thier life out there

  6. Who knows how many zechusim was up in the absolutly crazy idea of pointing a radio at an armed gangster who held a gun to a yidishe mama’s head.


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