Arrest Made In Crown Heights Vicious Hate Crime


The NYPD have arrested a man suspected of assaulting a Chassidishe man last Shabbos afternoon near Schenectady Avenue in the Crown Heights .

In a surveillance video, the suspect is seen chasing 52-year-old Menachem Moskowitz down and attacking after Moskowitz offered a polite greeting.  The man allegedly called him a fake Jew and told him “they stole his money.”

The attack left him with a black eye, severe bruising and a broken rib. A $50,000 reward was offered by a philanthropist from Los Angeles for any information leading to the attackers arrest.

The investigation, which was led by NYPD and the hate crimes task force, led police to arrest an individual who resides in Crown Heights and who has prior arrests on his record, COLlive reports.

“Our community can feel much more secure this Shabbos while our men walk to shul and our families are out and about visiting,” Devorah Halberstam NYPD 71st Precinct liaison and community activist, told COLlive. “The NYPD, under Chief Steve Powers’s efforts and 71 Precinct inspector Frank Giordano, have worked non-stop on finding the perpetrator of this hateful anti-Semitic attack.”



  1. Will they plead him down to a misdemeanor, or will they actually prosecute him for the hate crime, assault, possible attempted murder?


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