Arrest of Menachem Stark’s Killer Possibly Before Pesach


menachem-stark5The kidnapping and tragic death of Reb Menachem Stark z”l shook the Torah world to its core. The 39-year-old Williamsburg resident continues to be mourned by his wife, Bashie, his children, the wider Brooklyn community, and Yidden across the world.

While three months have passed with no arrests having been made, police investigators indicate that they are closing in on suspects and new evidence has emerged. An arrest could come as soon as Pesach.

Reb Menachem was generous with the success he realized in parnassah, giving to mosdos and organizations in Williamsburg and beyond. His passing left the frum community numb in grief.

Detectives are now saying that an arrest is imminent, either before Yom Tov or immediately after Zeman Chairuseinu.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Why do the detectives have to tell us what they are going to do? Let them do and we will judge them by their actions. Their saying what they are going to do smells like they really don’t know yet, but they are hoping these leaks get someone to bolt or do something else foolish.

  2. Why would the authorities give heads up to the murderer? Its like Al Quaida giving us 30 days warning before an attack? Sounds daft

  3. #1: Because they are watching the suspect 24/7. Publicizing it makes it more likely that the suspect will trip ups and blatantly expose evidence.

  4. as a matter of fact the police prob. put this out bec.they want the guy get scared and try to escape, which will give himself away!! and dont worry they have him totally cornered!!

  5. Its obvious they know for sure who did it – its just they need more evidence to warrant an arrest and obviously a conviction and so they are obviously waiting on some type of DNA or the likes to go ahead and make an arrest. Its without a doubt cops have these guys on surveillance 24/7 and they are not going anywhere.


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