Arrested Pug Owner May Be Fired Over Alleged Anti-Semitism Toward Chassidishe Cop

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witriolAfter a witness told the New York Post that distraught pug owner Chrissie Brodigan shouted at NYC’s first Chassidishe cop, “You…Jew, you’re not even human,” her employer suspended her without pay and may terminate her, pending an internal investigation. Brodigan, the VP for Online Media at Plum TV, says that after the Post’s article appeared, Plum TV’s CEO, Chris Glowacki, called her to say she was “lucky not to be fired immediately.” (Several requests for comment from Glowacki have gone unanswered.)Brodigan denies the allegation of antisemitism cited by the Post’s witness and a second anonymous source, and says the article has made her life miserable, with strangers gathering outside her apartment building to call her a bigot and, on one occasion, shout, “You deserve to die!” She is now contemplating suing the Post for slander, and tells Gothamist:

I believe that the Post fabricated their witness for salacious story-telling, I also believe that the NYPD could have planted her as a way to spin the story because I don’t have a record and have never been in trouble with the law. In other words, the only way to discredit me would be to make something up… To be absolutely clear: Even in the heat of the moment I did not use anti-Semitic remarks against the officer. I did say things…and was sarcastic in asking for the tickets so I could go home. I did not even say the words “Jewish” or “Jew” or utter a single ethnic slur. And, to be even more clear, those words and statements [alleged in the Post] have NEVER crossed my lips. Not that day. And, not any other day in my life. Ever.

The Post’s article is credited to Reuven Fenton and Reuven Blau; the latter reporter has previously written about Chassidishe cops, including Kalman Witriol, the brother of officer Joel Yitriol, who arrested Brodigan and allegedly roughed her up while saying, “If you’re going to act like a woman, I’m going to treat you like a woman.” Reached for comment, Fenton said that Blau was the one who found the witness, Viane Delgado, who says she/he heard Brodigan’s anti-Semitic remarks. Fenton says he doesn’t know how Blau found Delgado-she is not quoted by any other news outlet and we haven’t been able to find her. Blau has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

Brodigan’s attorney, Jonathon D. Warner, says, “I’m a Jewish lawyer and I firmly believe she did not utter any anti-Semitic remarks, and I would not represent her if I thought otherwise.” Brodigan says she’ll find out today whether she’s losing her job, and she’s expected to appear in court on August 25th to face the disorderly conduct charge.

{Gothamist/Noam Newscenter}


  1. These guys have NO business working for the NYPD. All they do is stir up hate and resentment. This is not what the Baal Shem Tov had in mind. Does he attend funerals and memorials for slain officers that are held in Churches? I assume not. If thats the case then it only causes hatred and anger amongst his peers and the general public.

  2. This was a pporly written article. It does not give the reader any backround info. please fill us in on the fact….. Shomrim or Cops they are more or less the same…

  3. I totaly agree with moish in fact more respectfully reb moish is more beffiting. It is way beyond my understanding why this guy does what he does our gedolim told us that in golus (yes we are still in golus) we should try to stick out the least we can and working for the nypd just isnt doing that.

  4. Its tuna bagel again im just feeling sorry about what i said im sure he means well but we still must try and keep a low profile in golus

  5. you should feel bad mr bagel because you shouldnt speak about other people especially when you cant take it back dont our gedolim aiso tell not to speak loshon hara that is the cause of us being in golus


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