Photos: Arson at Seasons Delays Opening of Kosher Mega-Supermarket

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seasons-fire[Photos below.] During the early morning hours of Shvi’i shel Pesach on Monday, as most of Kew Garden Hills was fast asleep, arsonists climbed onto the roof of the former Supersol Supermarket, which had been completely revamped and was scheduled to open Isru Chag Pesach. Stealthily, they cut into the exhaust system, and started a fire, which began to spread rapidly. Fortunately, the sprinkler system kicked in, extinguishing the flames, but causing massive water damage. By this time the arsonists were far away, patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

Several hours later, a passerby noticed streams of water pouring out of the store, and notified security. By the time police gained entry, there was water everywhere—flooding the crumbled ceiling, soaking the shelves, and ruining the merchandise.

The timing was quite unfortunate. For the past six months, the supermarket, under new ownership and named Seasons, had been gearing up for its grand opening on April 27. “Everything was set up,” says Meyer Gold, founder and manager of Seasons. “The shelves were stocked; the cashiers had been hired, state-of-the-art registers installed. ¬†Even the grocery carts and bags were prepared. We had been working towards opening day for months.”

Meyer, who has extensive experience in supermarket conception and management, had envisioned a multi-faceted supermarket, to serve the community of Kew Gardens Hills and environs. After months of research, construction and planning, the dream was about to become a reality.

Located on 68-18 Main Street, the 12,000 square foot futuristic supermarket had been set up into ‘sections,’ each with its own specialties. “We prepared a sushi section, a takeout section, the deli counter, produce, baked goods, frozen foods – about seven or eight different departments, each staffed by a professional in their area of expertise. Our cashiers had been given extensive training a few days before Pesach, and were ready to roll.”

The Queens community welcomed the arrival of Seasons with excitement and great interest. In fact, the new supermarket had run a special naming contest, with Seasons, the winning choice, submitted by Danielle Jacobs of Cedarhurst. The mom of two children earned $100 worth of free groceries each week for the next year.

“The interest in Seasons was especially high, because of the combination of high quality and choice, along with great prices,” says one local who showed up for the grand opening only to be turned away by “Do Not Cross” police tape.

The weeks before the grand opening were very exciting, as the final preparations were put into place. “There was no indication that anything was amiss,” says Mr. Gold. “The construction went smoothly, everything rolled along right on schedule.”¬† The arson was completely unexpected, like a thunderbolt on a clear sunny day.

According to Fire Marshal Stephen Calcutti, the arson was a professional job. This wasn’t a group of bored teenagers looking for action. Everything was meticulously planned.

The fire department and police investigators are reviewing surveillance and video footage, and hope to have more information shortly. In the meantime, though the arson threw a damper on the Grand Opening, the owners of Seasons have no intention of backing down.

“Everything is b’idei Shomayim,” says Meyer Gold, in his soft-spoken manner. “We are doing the best we can, and will try to clean up as quickly as possible, in order to open this spring, perhaps even for Lag B’omer.”

Since the owner heard of the fire, he has been heartened by strong support from the community, and various askonim who have offered to help in any way they could. “Mi Ke’amcha Yisroel,” Meyer declares. “We are all one family, who care for each other.”

Of course, Seasons will increase its security system, but ultimately, everything is in the Ribono Shel Olam’s hands. “We have to do our hishtadlus, and trust in the One Above.”

See below for photos:

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. Rumor has it that the opening was delayed until after Pesach because of some union organizers who wanted the store to be a union shop. Guess this is how the bums revenge their losses

  2. Meyer Gold is a tremendous person and the KGH community is lucky to have you back. Chazak Vematz Meyer, all of your friends wish you well and stand with you.
    You will be back in no time!

  3. Either unions, or maybe the owners of another kosher store hired some goyim to sabotage their competition. You never know.

  4. at least they caught them on camera… that ensures that if they were sent by a competitor, seasons just gained alot of the competitor’s customers.

  5. As a Z’chus for all of us, Lets be dan l’kav Zchus our fellow Yidin and assume it was the work of disgruntled unions or ex employees. After all, is is so far fetched to belive that the unions may have done this? I would like to believe that no Yidishe competators would stoop to such lowly destructive behavior.

  6. I’m with cb ( # 9) I need to assume it was an ex employee or someone who thought it they should have been an employee. I shudder to think that unions are involved and another Jewish store…

    My heart goes out to the owners and investors in Seasons. The pictures are painful. Someones dreams destroyed.

    I do question why the sprinklers weren’t tied into the fire department. Seems like a tremendous oversight to me.

  7. Meyer, your emunah and bitochon are unbelievable. May hashem bless you and mimi with much nachas and hatzlocho and parnosoh od bli diy

  8. Yes, your hearts shudder at the thought of sabotage, but sadly, we are our own worst enemy. Esav and Yaacov. Kapos. Leftist Israeli groups, Madoff, etc. You never know.

  9. So…The fire happened on Yom Tov…We can assume the owner had sold the Chametz.

    Shouldn’t the goy that bought the chometz file (at least part of) the insurance claim, not the store owner?

    I wonder if this problem is listed in the “sht’r mechira”.

  10. We are shocked and saddend by this deplorable act. We are neighbors of Seasons and waited anxiously for the Grand Opening. Take heart Mayer we are all rooting for you. Thankfully no one was injured.

  11. I hope you open soon, I can’t to SHOP and SHOP OFTEN. In this way we’ll show those thugs that their crime will backfire.

  12. 1) The police should be posting close-ups of the faces from the video

    2) the car pulled away, and there were a couple of seconds before the car turned on its lights where the license plate was visible. The police should be able to zoom in there as well.

    The perpetrators will be caught and will have to pay for all damages.


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