As Fuel Price Soars, El Al Raises Fares


elalThe soaring price of oil is driving up prices of fuel, including jet fuel for airlines. El Al Israel Airlines today announced that it is raising fares on its routes beginning on April 1.

Fares will rise by $22-45, depending on the destination. Fares will rise by $22 on short and medium-haul flights and by $45 on long-haul flights.

“Recent geopolitical developments in the Middle East have affected the price of jet fuel, which has reached record levels,” said El Al VP commerce and aviation relations David Maimon. “This trend forces us to adjust to the new prices and raise fares.”

{Globes/ Newscenter}


  1. They have specials at diff times of the year. I made my tickets to go home for pesach a while ago. Now I see it was a good idea


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