Ashdod Paper Laments Chareidim Conquering The City’s Parks

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A local Ashdod newspaper headlined the “shocking” news that over the most recent Yom Tov, Chareidim conquered the parks and Ashdod residents were left outside.”

Ashdod mayor Amram Kanfo branded the article as a piece of ugly incitement.

“The purpose of the paper is to attack the mayor with the claim that he is making the town chareidi and this is its established theme every chag,” he said. “There’s no question that the park attracts crowds from outside the town, but we’re proud of that.”

The editor of the paper, Menachem Gelili, said he stood behind his article, arguing that chareidim from out of town don’t pay city taxes which help maintain the park, yet were crowding the parks and preventing locals who pay city taxes from entering.

David Steger – Israel


  1. so that means we should throw Ashdod residents, out of city parks here in Jerusalem or TelAviv or any other city in Israel since they’re not residents of our cities??? Will every city now require guards to check Teudat Zehuts to get into each cities’ parks to make sure non-residents aren’t allowed? IS each city going to build walls around their parks?

  2. The tax argument is an excuse, their real issue is the chareidim. These self haters would probably prefer Arabs to chareidim.

  3. Antisemit!
    Instead he should be proud his “nice” park atracts people from all over binging money with them.
    Many countries wish they had the atractions to bring tourism in, wich enriches it.
    Instead of compleaning he shoud thak advantage of it.
    Go understand him…


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