Asifas Rabbonim in Boro Park Focuses On Compliance Program

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spinka-rebbeAn emergency meeting was held last Thursday at the Spinka hall on 56th Street in Boro Park and attended by scores of Admorim and Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim at the request of the Spinka Rebbe. The invited guests’ affilated organizations are located in the New York metropolitan are and have a student body in excess of 50,000 students.

The closed door meeting addressed the initiation of a series of workshops, educational seminars and other related programs to inform and educate community schools and other non-profits regarding applicable law and the mass dissemination of the Spinka developed compliance program.

The Spinka Rebbe as well as other speakers including Attorneys and Rabbonim addressed the need for all of the assembled participants to urge their administrators and constituents to attend and warmly embrace the upcoming educational program schedule that is projected to span the next few years.

The message imparted to the participants was that the upcoming programs would help non profits to initiate, further develop, update, or expand their current compliance programs, as well as help the organizations keep abreast of current developments in the proper administration of not for profit organizations.

In addition, the Spinka Rebbe once again stressed the importance of compliance.

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel of Agudath Israel spoke and explained that it is extremely important for the community’s organizations to be cognizant of the current prevailing laws and the importance of adherence to them.

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  1. “The Spinka Rebbe”?

    There are maybe fifteen people who carry that title. You have to specify which one is meant, like by giving his name.

    The same thing with Nadvorne Rebbes. Multiple people use that title. There are aimilar examples with some other Hassidic Rebbes, but I think those two are the most extreme (in other words, most Rebbes with same title).


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