Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky Meets With Renewal to Discuss Increasing Kidney Donations


renewalRenewal staff and kidney donors met on Monday with New York State Attorney General hopeful, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky. It was an emotional meeting, as several kidney donors recounted the stories behind their heroic deeds. Mrs. Faigy Morgenstern shared her own personal story of kidney donation and recounted how she saw an ad in the newspaper seeking a donor who’s blood type was A. She knew that this was her own blood type was A and decided instantly that she would donate her kidney. “I only wish,” she said, “that I had more kidneys that I could donate to even more people.”

Assemblyman Brodsky was visibly moved when a young Boro Park woman who also donated a kidney came to the meeting with her two young children who were born after the kidney donation. The parent of a young kidney recipient expressed appreciation for Renewal’s continued support throughout the entire arduous process. Assemblyman Brodsky then told his own family’s story. His daughter had received a kidney from his wife and then another one from a cadaver. Although he himself would have liked to donate his kidney to her, a test revealed that he was not compatible.

“It was an honor to meet the staff and donors at Renewal,” said the Assemblyman. “They are true American heroes. I was deeply moved by their selfless sacrifice and generosity and humbled by their actions.”

The discussion broadened to include Renewal’s work in assisting each donor through the entire process. Assemblyman Brodsky had introduced legislation in the past to help kidney donors, and agreed that he will continue to do everything in his power to make live kidney donations even more prevalent. This would reduce the waiting time for those who so badly need a kidney to survive.

Often donors are interested in donating a kidney but are held back when they consider the financial strain it will entail for their families while they are going through the recovery process. Sometimes a spouse may not be supportive of kidney donation because of the toll it may take on the household running smoothly. They also worry about transportation costs to and from testing. While Renewal has undertaken to cover these expenses, government funding and support would surely be helpful in increasing the number of kidney donations within our community.

Should Brodsky’s legislation be passed into law, then many of those who have held back from kidney donation for financial reasons may reconsider. Hopefully, it will help them decide to give the ultimate gift — the gift of life.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. It would be helpful if anyone who donates a Kidney or even blood they and their family should get priority if they should ever be in need. Also small compensation wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Anybody that donates a kidney gets extra points for them to get towards the top of the waiting list. It is illegal to compensate for the kidney- though it is legal to cover any expenses the donor had because of donating a kidney. If you are interested in donating and would like more information please call Renewal and they can set you up with a past donor like myself and we can tell you how what an amazing feeling it is to give life at the small cost to the donor of short term discomfort.


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