Assemblyman: Time To Crack Down On Staged Car Accidents


david-weprin2New York State Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Queens) said today that it is time for a crackdown on the practice of staging auto accidents to defraud insurance companies.

Weprin was joined Sunday by the group New Yorkers Stand Against Insurance Fraud to call for a bill to crack down on staged auto accidents. He noted that Alice Ross, a 71-year-old grandmother, was a victim of a deliberate “accident” in the most horrific way.

In 2003, Ross’ car was struck deliberately by another vehicle in Queens. She slammed into a tree and was killed.

As it is, Weprin said, there is no specific state law to prohibit staging accidents.

“All the bill does is create a separate felony under New York State law for staging an automobile accident,” Weprin said. “It’s kind of hard to believe that the actual act of staging a phony automobile accident – which of course, is done for insurance fraud purposes – is not a crime in New York State.”

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  1. Should be a law against insurance companies committing fraud against its policy holders. See stories re: hurricane claims. Also how insurance companies will find phony market values for cars. Ins co refusing to pay small claims knowing that it is too expensive to take them to court. You can’t tell the jury that the defendant has insurance, yet they can tell the jury not to find a large judgment against their poor slob.


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