AstraZeneca Says Its Coronavirus Vaccine Triggers Immune Response Among Adults

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British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca on Monday said its potential Covid-19 vaccine has produced a similar immune response in older and younger adults.

AstraZeneca, which is developing its potential Covid-19 vaccine in collaboration with the University of Oxford, said adverse responses to the vaccine among the elderly were also found to be lower.

The World Health Organization has said that older people, in addition to people of all ages with preexisting medical conditions, appear to develop serious illness on contracting the coronavirus more often than others.

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  1. Just about a week ago, one of the people who was taking this proposed vaccine made by AstraZeneca in its testing trial, Lo Alaynu, SUDDENLY DIED!! [Please see the writeup titled “COVID-19 vaccine trial participant DIES… AstraZeneca downplays the death and continues the medical experiments on the remaining humans” at the NaturalNews (dot com) website.]

    This vaccine is not safe at all!! Its structure and form of action is completely different from that of previous vaccines, as it causes actual changes in the recipient’s DNA. As it is something that is so completely new that was never done before, YOU WOULD THINK that the (so-called) scientists developing it would really double and triple and quadruple check it all out and be exceedingly extra careful with it to perform on it all kinds of numerous “extra” tests to really make 1,000% sure that everything about it is working perfectly.

    Yet, that IS NOT what they are doing!! On the contrary, they are rushing its development & production on the “express track”!! And, in this heavy rush, they OUTRIGHT OMITTED performing a number of crucial whole phases of tests, which are normally required for the approval of any medication.

    Something produced in such a rushed sloppy way is obviously NOT going to be safe and effective.


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