At Jewish Forum, Ben Carson Calls ‘Hamas’ ‘Hummus’

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ben carsonThursday’s Republication Jewish Coalition forum produced mixed results for the GOP presidential candidates who delivered addresses.

Donald Trump was heckled for refusing to recognize Yerushalayim as Israel’s ‘‘undivided’’ capital, and Marco Rubio received enthusiastic applause as well as praise from pundits after a speech touching upon sanctions and international attempts to delegitimize Israel.

Meanwhile, the part of Ben Carson’s remarks that drew the most attention was his repeated mispronunciation of Hamas, the name of the Palestinian Islamic militant organization.

To many observers – and Internet users shortly thereafter – it sounded like he was saying ‘‘hummus.’’ And like a hearty plate of that mashed chickpea spread, the puns were simply too good to pass up.

‘‘Ben Carson not just concerned about Hummus terror threat, but about dire situation in Baba Ghanoush and Tabouli,’’ said one Tweet. Another, ‘‘Ben Carson’s biggest issue with Hamas is that it’s too garlicky.” Read more at THE BOSTON GLOBE.



  1. Carson doesn’t know anything about International as well as Domestic issues. We already had a President who tried to train on the job. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


  2. He called it HAAMAAS not humus two or the times and then corrected himself. This liberal media garbage. He gave a very good speech and has a clear understanding of the real deal in Israel.

  3. Who cares how he mispronounces, misspells, or otherwise makes detail mistakes. If he becomes a president, he’ll have a secretary who knows how to pronounce Hamas. The important thing is his overall attitude toward Israel and the world wide Muslim mafia. Our people are in mortal danger, and we should not be casting away our natural allies.


    He doesn’t have any real foreign policy knowledge or experience either; he wants to return to the failed policies of not engaging with the Castros in Cuba.

    There are really only two candidates, one Democrat and one Republican, who understand the nature of the dangers facing the US: Lindsay Graham and Hillary Clinton. It looks like the Democrats will nominate Clinton, but Graham is polling less than 1%. We will see if the Republicans were hypocritical in their criticisms of Obama in 2008.


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