Atlantic Editor: ‘Mistakes Are Precisely The Reason That People Should Trust The Media’

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David Frum, an editor for The Atlantic and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, said the media’s recent reporting mistakes are exactly why readers should trust journalists.

“Journalism is a process. The way you discover the truth as a consumer of news is not be reading any one story and thinking ‘aha here’s the truth,’” Frum said. “You have to be engaged in it. You have to be an active consumer.”

“In the process, there are going to be overshoots and undershoots,” Frum added. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Our media is responsible based on years of many who achieve. The journalist is bound by group rules, but he or she has her own careful manners. The personality is determined at birth.

    If you think that all of the “left wing” media is the bad bastion of all anxiety in a civilization that has endured upon the unchanging educational levels of media strength over years; one would note you are a hooligan.

    The sadness is that the hooligans today are so unruly that the media today must fight for its own legitimacy.

    I took a course on media in college. It was smart. We did not yet have FOX and it was good to have CNN. We had intelligent conversation and realized a future was good for our futures with smart persons to discuss news. We do need good talent. If the talent is wrong, that can be changed. The networks are not a gestapo and unless they want to claim fair and balanced; assume they are.


  2. What gibberish did these scum make so many “mistakes” regarding Hillary and obama or are the reserved only for trump? The Obamacare lie and disaster hardly got any mention so please cut the baloney they have an agenda and any honest person knows it

  3. “Mistakes” is one thing but deliberate outright fake news and warped incorrect reports on a daily basis are nothing but LIES.


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