Attacks On Yidden On Har Hazeisim Raise Serious Concerns

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har-hazeisimOn Monday, MK Danny Danon (Likud), Chair of the Immigration, Absorption & Diaspora Affairs Committee, held a Committee meeting to discuss the problem of the desecration of graves on the Mt. of Olives, and the security of Jews from abroad who go there to visit the graves of their dear ones.  Avraham Lubinsky, Chair of the International Committee for the Preservation of the Mt. of Olives, said that “It is inconceivable that Jews should be afraid to visit this important historical site, and the Government must deal with this quickly.  The Mt. of Olives has survive d all the conquests of this country, but is having difficulty in surviving the State of Israel.”  Committee Chair Danon explained that Jews from Israel and abroad who come to visit the graves of their dear ones there face a dangerous daily situation.  According to Danon, “If this was happening in a foreign country – we would relate to it very seriously, yet here we do nothing, nor is there adequate reporting by the press.”  Danon called on the Ministry of Internal Security to accelerate the setting up of a Police Station at the site so that it would be operational by Pesach and appealed to the Ministries of Education and Tourism to promote tours of the site.  The Committee also plans to hold, after Pesach, a tour and a follow up meeting on the Mt. of Olives.

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, who was himself attacked during his visit to the Mt. of Olives last Friday, said that security for Jews in their own capital city is a failure.  Arab vandals understand how important their history is for the Jews and so they attack these sensitive sites.  This is a test for us, he said, will we preserve our tradition and our past or not?!  Steve Goldberg from the USA, who is active on the issue of the Mt. of Olives and who was also attacked there, noted angrily that “the Israeli Government is afraid to annoy the Arabs.  Throwing of stones should be considered attempted murder.”   Ken Abramowitz, from Likud USA, said that “a government that cannot protect its citizens should not be in power.  The Government discriminates against Jews and does not uphold the law equally against Arabs and Jews. ”

The Deputy Commander of the Tzion District of the Jerusalem Police, Eli Tazeri, explained that the police try to provide an appropriate response through increased overt and covert action in the area and at the same time are carrying out an accelerated process of setting up a police station at the site.  Elad Kendel, Director of the Old City Basin Project at the Jerusalem Development Authority, added that there have recently been a number of arrests and that we are now seeing a reduction in the scope of the vandalism.  He also noted that some 90 million NIS have recently been invested in the Mt. of Olives and that 97 security cameras are now operating there.

MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) added that “42 graves have been smashed recently in a serious attempt to cause major damage.  8 vandals were arrested and it was claimed that they acted out of boredom.  Apart from one who was sentenced to public service work, none of the others were even brought to trial.  This is not a “price-tag” action but an daily event.  We must take deterrent action and should not have to travel to the site in armoured vehicles.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This is crazy. We have plenty of police and soldiers to protect illegal outposts, how come we don’t have any to protect kvarim and their visitors? You can have guards walking around. The whole area is visible from the surrounding hills, so you can use surveillance cameras (with night vision equipment, too).

    This is a lot more important than a few apartments in Migron that we may have to give back anyway. Don’t we have the money to protect the honor of those who are melitz yoshar for us?

  2. There a small arab cemetary in the heart of Jerusalem.
    How would the families of these graves like it if these graves were also vandalized and desecrated?
    I’m sure that the palestenian authority would be in an uproar and we would hear it round the world.

  3. How long have they been talking about taking care of this vital problem. The idea that in Israel there should be desecration of cemeteries is unthinkable. It was supposed to be taken care of already. Inexcusable! It has come to the point anything to do with Jewish matters is unimportant in this ‘new era’ in Israel and appeasing the enemy is just part of it.


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