Attempted Abduction of Frum Boro Park Boy


chossid-boro-parkA 10-year-old frum boy walking along a street in Boro Park was pulled toward a car by a man who tried to take off with him last night. Police say the boy was on 48th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues last evening when the man approached him. The boy managed to escape.

Cops searched the area and arrested the suspect three hours later near 43rd Street and 15th Avenue.

{MyFoxNY/Noam Newscenter}


  1. What did the “perp” look like. Bet he wasn’t black, hispanic, or chiloni. If he were – it would have been immediately part of the article. Cowards. Oy.

  2. I was once privileged to stay at the house of the Chabad Shaliach in Boulder, Colorado. He had a number of Toradike vidieos, which his chidren would put on. One of them was, evidently, about rules for safety. The presentation opened with a very cute line like this:

    “Hi! I’m Moshe the Clown! But when it comes to safety — THERE’S NO CLOWNING AROUND!!”

    It cannot be stressed enough: Our children must at all times be kept safe and secure. This means that at ALL TIMES they must be with proper adult supervision. They can NEVER be allowed to go off and play by themselves! They can NEVER be allowed to go out and go down the street by themselves! All doors to the house must be always kept locked.

    The commonly said arguements like:

    “A-a-a-w, this is a very good neighborhood!” and

    “A-a-a-w, this is a very frum neighborhood!” and

    “A-a-a-w, this is a very safe neighborhood!” and

    “A-a-a-w, there are frum people all around!” and

    “A-a-a-w, nobody is going to do this!” and

    “A-a-a-w, nobody is going to do that!”


    Look! What just happened here! “48th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues” — I know that block! When I lived in the NY/NJ area, I probably walked and drove on that part of 48th Street hundreds of times! That is right smack in the heart of Boro Park! It is less than a block right down the street from the large Bobov Beis Medrosh!

    And in this spot a wicked slim bag attempted to — RACHMANA LITZLAN???

    Boruch HaShem, the incident did not materialize. But that it was even attempted is clearly a severely serious warning. It is a serious warning from HaShem — Who, of course, is our Protector — that we must do T’shuva. And, it is a serious warning from HaShem that in the physical hishtadlus – physical efforts – that He wants us to make, He wants us to be much more vigilant and careful.

  3. It is apparent now that no kidnapping was attempted and the guy was just trying to prevent the kid from running into the street.

  4. That there was NO “attempt of kidnapping Jewish boy in Boro Park.”

    The “Jewish boy” did run across the street suddenly and unexpectedly creating a dangerous situation.
    The driver did stop; the boy was NOT injured.
    The driver, shaken and (understandably) angry, exited his motor vehicle
    and did say a few rude and loud words to the boy.
    The so called “witnesses” believed they saw a kidnapping attempt.


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