Attention Bochurim

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We have successfully secured Bushkill Falls Resort for this אלול זמן . We have arranged accommodations for several  hundred בחורים.  We will be learning the same  לימוד  as Mir in Yerushalayim. There will be a Chabura Hookup with Hagaon Harav Asher Arielli. The Rosh Chabura will be Harav Zev Reiss and Harav Betzalel Sofer . R Berel Kelemer, R Dovid Asher David

For more information for Bais Yeshaya 848-245-6292 or for Bais Shalom R’ Reiss 908-330-1855 or  R’ Betzalel Sofer 732-789-2027. The registration office can be reached at  732-994-7228 or [email protected]


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