Attention Mir Bochurim

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We have successfully secured Bushkill Falls Resort for this אלול זמן

We have arranged accommodations for several  hundred בחורים.  We will be learning the same  לימוד  as Mir in Yerushalayim. There will be a Chabura Hookup with Hagaon Harav Asher Arielli. The Rosh Chabura will be Harav Zev Reiss and Harav Betzalel Sofer.

For more information you can contact

R’ Reiss 908-330-1855 or  R’ Betzalel Sofer 732-789-2027

The registration office can be reached at  732-994-7228 or [email protected].


  1. Kol Hakavod to the Mir.

    For anyone interested, BMG is opening a special Elul chabura on the Woodlake campus for bochurim back from Eretz Yisroel and need a place for Elul. There will be 3 sedorim a day with chaburos, meals etc. The chabura will be learning the same limud as Yeshiva (Baba Basra).

    For more information, please contact R’ Shlomo Rottenberg at 848-261-8118

    • Not to worry! The objective here is להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה (what else?)!
      This comment sounds more like a business man competing and being possessive over his domain.
      Perhaps rethink your stand….
      One should be שמח with someone else’s Yeshiva just like his, if he’s healthy and has the Torah perspective as stated above. Hatzlocha in all!

      • his comment is wonderful and giving good info. etc. you be dan l’kaf zechus. you are misreading ” between the lines” as often is a cause for senseless machlokes.

  2. How will this effect the bachurs shidduch resume? Limaaseh, it’s not eretz yisroel. Won’t look good to a potential shver.

    • If a future Shver can’t understand what the world state is in, then he won’t appreciate any bochur regardless of his qualities and middos. This time, it is not about location, location, location.

  3. the SEMINERIES IN ISRAEL should be doing the same . for girls. and/or have zoom classes . most of the reason for girls going to ey is to experience the life there , while interacting with those yidden there. and mekomos hakdoishim etc. all that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW, and theres no reason to put the girls in needles agmas nefesh of “bidud” quarantine. PARENTS WAKE UP!!!! as it is many girls have it very hard for the first few months anyway, …. PARENTS WAKE UP do whats good for ur daughter! not peer pressure! not fake shiduch concerns! not oilom goilom! and not waste money!

    • Your statement applies as much for non corona times…this whole “Seminary “mishigas…which we didn’t have years ago…time to reign it in. The cost is a lot more than financial….and as a shadchan for many years…it’s time to stop evaluating people by their Seminary experiences…or particular school, instead of on the character of the individual. We have gone bonkers about the whole experience as if it’s a given that without going…you are doomed shidduch wise. We all got married WITHOUT SEMINARY and raised wonderful ehrlich families without the expenses to our parents, financially and emotionally. Your chinuch comes from your home and 12 years of schooling should suffice to grow into a ” healthy ehrlicha kid with healthy haskofos…of course…growth is continuous…but PLEASE PLEASE stop judging girls and boys by ” which school, seminary or yeshiva they attend. You can grow to be a gadol b’ torah on a bench in beis medresh if you have hasmuda… not to say you should be doing that…but stop judging by ” oh which Brisk was he in? Oh that’s not the best one etc etc. Or that seminary is iffy…totally ridiculous responses from ” ignorant parents that makes your hair stand up. Stop the meshigas..Nothing wrong with having a kid go out and earn a dollar and understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and experiencing REAL LIFE after school, instead of adding on another year of CHUMISH RASHI and whatever else. Leave that to the men folk. Woman have different roles in society and we did very well for ourselves years ago without the extra burden placed on parents and kids. Just a humble opinion from a great grandma and someone working with the KLAL for yeeeeaaars!!!

  4. Just heard that Mir Brooklyn may open a Hotel in Israel for all those Israeli Talmidim who want to learn in Mir Brooklyn.
    Details not yet available until this rumor gets verified…..

  5. However you slice it, its only healthy that there be other mekoimei toirah besides our prestigious BMG. We should be embracing this. I and many of my friends all feel this way. Yeshivos Kollelim arent supposed to be so big…sense of belonging etc.

  6. There is a Chassideshe group learning in the same Bais Medrash!!!
    For all those that are still stuck…)
    (In case… can sleep with the litfishe he can learn with the chassidim..It’s all in one Bais Medrash…)

  7. There is a Chassideshe group learning in the same Bais Medrash!!!
    For all those that are still stuck…)
    (In case… can sleep with the litfishe he can learn with the chassidim..It’s all in one Bais Medrash…)


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