Audio: Avreich Visits Lishkat HaGiyus

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lishkat-hagiyus[Audio below.] Below is the audio of an American avreich from Mir-Yerushalayim visiting the Lishkat HaGiyus, the IDF Recruitment/Conscription Office, in Yerushalayim after he received a letter regarding being drafted into the Israeli army.

The avreich refused to provide his address, stating he feared that the police would come, beat him up, and arrest him.

Later in the conversation, when he explained that he learns in yeshiva, he was told by the army representative, “We don’t need so many people in yeshiva.”

The woman from the Lishkat HaGiyus asked him if he has heard of the Chok Tal.

Chok Tal, Chok Shmal, I don’t know what you are talking about,” said the young man.

If I was Muslim would I have to go into the army?”

“No,” said the woman. An exchange ensued as to why Muslims are exempted from the draft. The woman could not explain why Muslims are exempt from the army but serve in the Knesset.

Click below to listen to the audio. Conversation begins at minute 2:45:

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. He has a point if the reason for drafting chareidim is because “its the law” and nobody is above the “the law” then why are Muslims exempt.

    And if you start to rationalize the about whole ideology of being a Jewish state then why not rationalize that without limmud hatorah the physical army is worth nothing.

  2. I have to say I was very impressed by the woman soldier. She seemed like a very sweet and honest Jewess. My impression of the bochur he was looking for a confrontation. He also appeared to be very nervous

  3. I liked it. You know that sometimes a little “emes” like this Avreich did, showing them the inconsistencies in their approach, and invoking our history as “jewish” can do allot.

  4. this guy is my brother’s friend. i got this in an email yesterday from my brother.
    all this had to happen b/c when his parents lived in EY for a few years when he was born, they never denounced his citizenship.
    DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. so not making fun or looking for a fight. i think everyone’s issue here is that we are very uncomfortable with the truth: that this so-called “Jewish” government sincerely “does not need people learning in yeshiva”.
    face it folks – it may be a difficult pill to swallow – but that is the truth of their beliefs – “who needs Torah anyway?”

  6. #17 BH I have never renounced the CITIZNSHIP of any of my kids and wouldn’t. Gd runs the world, remember that!! How about renouncing American citizenship cause we didnt want to send our boys to the Vietnam war….

  7. @23. Comment from marco

    he was born in Israel that makes him Israeli. Also an American can be a permanent resident but not a citizen and still have to serve.

  8. #28:
    If you are an American citizen living in the US, then you are right. But there is no reason why the Israeli government should have permanent hold over a child who happened to have been born during the short period that his American parents were living in Eretz Yisroel.

  9. Of course we need Bnei Torah to sit and learn and that protects E”Y, but what did he think he was going to accomplish by arguing with her. She doesn’t set the policy and wasn’t hired to defend the army or the government. His argument was correct but to the wrong channel.

  10. Someone said that it is just like the American Army during Vietnam. WRONG. Israel is one of only two countries in the so-called civilized world that does not allow for “conscientous objectors.” The US had such a status during Vietnam and even during WW2. They even allow for conscientous objectors today, with an all volunteer army!

    The zionists simply do not allow you to have a conscience that is not in line with their totalitarian states demands

  11. It is only illegal to record two people if none of the people being recorded consent (unless you have a court warrant).

    You may record your conversation with another person – since you obviously consent.


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