Audio Glitch Turns De Blasio Into Laughingstock

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Mayor Bill de Blasio’s live-streamed appearance Wednesday at a campaign event in Iowa made it sound like the mayor had breathed in some helium thanks to an embarrassing audio snafu.

The screw-up distorted de Blasio’s voice as he appeared at the Iowa Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations’ conference on giant projector screens via a video link from Gracie Mansion.

Members of the audience can be seen cracking up and glancing at audio technicians in the back of the room as Hizzoner — unaware of the technical problems — continues his usual drone about “working people first.”

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  1. I seriously don’t think this is appropriate for you (Matzav) to publicize, and certainly not to sensationalize your headline. As a Frum person living and paying taxes in Flatbush, I take offense to this making fun of our Mayor. Limaaseh he’s not going to become President but he will remain our Mayor, like him or not. We need him to do things for us to make our lives just a bit easier. You don’t think word doesn’t get back to him about this poking fun? What is there to gain? He’s not stupid. Why antagonize him unnecessarily? Now he’ll have a grudge against us. At the end of the day, despite being a liberal progressive, he has been a pretty good Mayor for the Frum community. It was the “Jew” Bl$$mberg that fought to ban Bris Mila amongst many other gzeiros. Mayor DeBlasio has left us alone and let us do our thing. Shtiller heiyt he has helped us in many ways. I did not vote for him either time because of his hashchasa positions but we have to deal with reality. He IS our Mayor.
    All you little immature kids sitting in Lakewood, Cleveland, or LA (yes Mr. Commish) and criticizing our Mayor here in NYC should stop.
    Criticize your own.
    Put some traffic lights on Forest and Madison Avenue before someone gets killed. There’s more to secure the locals by the LPD than registering bicycle’s.
    Yeh, Garcetti is a smashing success as well.

    • I too live in Flatbush, he is NOT my mayor, just like liberals can say that Trump is not their president, I don’t consider this toeiva loving atheist my mayor especially with his friends like Sharpton and constant bribe taking. if you like bike lanes taking over streets than keep “your” mayor.

      • I don’t learn from liberals how a yid should act in Golus.

        The only thing Trump can do them is make sure no federal funds go to NYC / NYS infrastructure projects. You can be sure there will NO federal funds for the new port authority and tunnel to NJ.It is surprising Cuomo even bothered asking Trump for them and plain foolish to have thought he would agree. But what else can Trump do to them?

        The progressives however can cause a lot more problems to the frum community. No reason to antagonize them over silly mistakes.

  2. Local Brooklynite is 100% correct.

    I don’t live in NY and even so I think we should try our hardest to be on good terms with De Blasio wherever we are.

    Like it not (I don’t!!!) the progressives currently have the winds blowing in their direction. As the progressives gain power we are going to be increasingly pushed aside unless we can build some sort of connection to them.

    Most progressives are so hostile that there is little chance of the frum community ever having a working relationship with them. De Blasio is an exception. Don’t ruin even that.

    Or Chas V’shlom in ten years from now we can find ourselves in a situation where there is a major American political party (the Progressives) which is openly hostile to and snubbing our community R’L

    • “…the progressives currently have the winds blowing in their direction.”
      I would like to disagree with you and point out how you are wrong… but I can’t. The entire country has shifted way to the left over the last 10 – 20 years, and the Democratic party has moved (thanks largely to ex-Prez Obama, IMO) from a somewhat pro-Israel stance to one of reluctant financial support and constant pressure to make unconditional concessions.

  3. Local Brooklynite, THANK YOU! Personally I think, like everyone else, his tenure at the helm is a disaster and a huge disappointment! But you are right. He is the one who holds th we office and we Jews do not have many friends out there. Just the fact that he cared so much to help a tax evader pizza parlor is proof that his priorities are awkward. But you’re right, we cannot overtly show our distaste for him lest it be translated as disloyal or worse and we can’t afford to do that. Good points!

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