Audio: Interview With MBD – New Album Hits Stores Today

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kulam-ahuvim[Audio below. Also, see new poll at left side of screen.]  A new album from Mordechai ben David is set to hit stores today. Mendel the Sheichet of the JewishMusicReport sat down with MBD to discuss the new album, including the involvement of his son Yeedle, who produced the album, as well as Lipa, Aaron Razel and others who contributed to this new CD. The interview is 25 minutes in length. 

The album, titled, “Kulam Ahuvim,” like MBD’s other albums, contains several compositions by MBD himself and features six different arrangers. The album is being distributed by MBD’s brother, R’ Mendy Werdyger of Aderet Music.

To listen to the 25-minute interview, click below:


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  1. “The album is being distributed by MBD’s brother, R’ Mendy Werdyger, and Aderet Music.”

    Mendy Werdyger is Aderet Music unless there is 2 companies involved

  2. MBD is both a singer and a composer. He happens to be a phenomenal composer, though it is less known. His Kah Ribon is a classic. He has compsoed numerous hits. On his last album, he compsoed Usid, a huge hit. MBD is a tremendous singer and composer and a true mentch.


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