Audio: Nat Lewin Discusses Latest Revelations in the Rubashkin Case


nat-lewin[Audio below.] See yesterday’s report here. Last night, Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s appeals attorney, Nat Lewin, appeared on Talkline with Zev Brenner to discuss the latest revelations in the Rubashkin case, namely, the release of documents showing that Judge Linda Reade actively worked on planning the raid on the Agriprocessors plant.

Lewin spoke about the facts that emerged following the release of documents under the Freedom of Information act that show that Judge Reade was actively involved with prosecutors of the raid. Mr. Lewin also commented on new information that shows that the government spent five million dollars on the raid, only to drop the charges to focus instead on financial fraud.

Also, Zev Brenner spoke with Councilman Brad Lander on a new housing project for Boro Park.

Click below to listen:

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  1. Oy klal yisroel needs to see salvation at least with this case after having had a huge loss this week with so many tragic incidents in one week, please riboinu shel oilim be mikadesh your own name by grating this poor tsadik a yeshua and allow his imprisonment to be proven to be unlawfull and the judge with her hypocrisys should be given her kasher zumam

  2. We all feel terrible about what’s happening every one here in
    NY is dovening 4 him and we hope everything will go well
    with him.

  3. AMEN to Understanding
    Don’t forget: yeshuas Hashem ke’heref ayin.
    Don’t forget: yemei ha’ratzon are coming.
    gut shabbos to all


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