Audio: Powerful Response from Rav Mayer Twersky On Toeivah Forum

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mayer-twersky[Audio below.] As we reported yesterday, several rabbeim at Yeshiva University have come out in strong protest this week regarding a gathering held last week at the New York City university regarding toeivah orientation lifestyle. Both Rav Mayer Twersky and Rav Yonah Reis gave sichos mussar in the YU bais medrash about the event, strongly condemning it. The speech was attended by hundreds of students, as well as the rosh yeshiva of RIETS, Rav Hershel Schechter.

Following hundreds of requests for the audio of the remarks, we present here the full audio of Rav Twersky’s shmuess, strongly renouncing the event and sharing important perspective on the topic. Rav Twersky called the event a travesty and a distortion and says that the students of the yeshiva – each and every one – have an obligation to be mocheh. The event, he said, does not represent what the yeshiva believes or supports, and there is no justification for holding such an event, despite what cheshbonos some may put forth. What matters is kevod Shomayim and what the halacha mandates, not what anyone else thinks, Rav Twersky averred.

Click below to listen to the audio of Rav Twersky’s remarks:

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See below for photos taken at the shmuess:

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  1. He’s not just a Rosh HaYeshiva he’s also the Tolner Rebba.

    If anyone was ever in his presense then you know what it is to be in the presense of Kedusha.

  2. WOW – an absolute MUST listen to by every Frum Yid. This is well worth the half hour of your time. It is an inspirational and an incredible direct “no ifs ands or buts” Mussar Shmooze. I was blown away by the directness and clear position Rabbi Twersky is taking on the Chillul Hashem (his exact words) of last weeks gathering. Unbelievably powerful!

    Listen to the whole thing – start to end. There isn’t a bit of background noise – you can hear a pin drop as it seems every person in the room was mesmerized by the power and clarity of the presentation on this issue.

    Thank you Rabbi Twersky – I have the greatest respect for you.

  3. reb mayer shalitah
    yeyasher kochachem
    your shmuess was superb
    you covered all bases adequately,
    properly amd impressively.
    it was clear and unequivocal
    your grandfather zal was looking down with
    pride as i heard the echo of his words had
    he been challenged by the circumstances


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