Audio: Rav Soloveitchik on Inyonei Megillas Esther

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rav-yosef-dov-soloveitchik-of-boston[Audio below.] The following is a shiur that was delivered in 1969 by Rav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik of Boston on inyanei Megillas Esther.

Included in the shiur, at minute 1:12:15, Rav Soloveitchik relates a fascinating story about his father, Rav Moshe Soloveitchik, and his grandfather, Rav Chaim Soloveitchik.

This shiur is  presented as a special feature by Newscenter.

Click below to listen:

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  1. Not only was the Torah and lessons learned impressive and informative, but his command of the English language and ability to use the language to highlight sections of the picture which was trying to convey is outstanding. Remember, English was not the Rov’s 1st language. It was his fifth behind Yiddish, Hebrew, German, and Polish.

  2. Hey Sheldon, he didn’t grow up in these United States, right. Oops, he did. Smart comment anyhow. It’s not Hashems Torah that counts to you, it’s the English language. Alright


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