Audio: Remarkable Young Girl with Cancer Will Make You Cry


Malka Breindel bas Shaina Shifra is a special girl. A very special girl.

Malka Breindel is a six-year-old girl who resides in Lakewood, NJ. She now has cancer for the fourth time.

She is a sweet little neshamah with a wonderful personality and outstanding simchas hachaim. As she battled illness that has ravaged her body, she is an inspiration to all who know her and even those who don’t. And her choshuve parents and grandparents are, likewise, an inspiration to others.

Malka Breindel recorded a message for the many people who have been davening for her, instructing them not to be “so sad” and stating that “Hashem really, really loves me.”

“Don’t be so, like, sad, because Hashem really likes me,” says Malka Breindel, adding, “He only tests the people that he really likes.”

Im yirtzeh Hashem,” she adds, “I will be better and better and better and better,” concluding with a plea to “please, please, daven more.”



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