Audio: Yoily from Monroe Calls Rush


rush-limbaugh[Video below.] Yoily in Monroe, NY, called the Rush Limbaugh show this week. The Satmar chossid weighed in on the political turmoil in Washington and a potential government shutdown.

Click below to listen to his conversation with Rush:

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  1. Great. I like to learn more and clearly thinking about this shut down is constructive, but this particular caller contributed nothing to my own interests or knowledge. So I guess I agree in wondering how this became a real news story as equal to the rest. Is this fellow someone I am supposed to have knowledge? I just didn’t think that the particular caller was of any major relevance, but perhaps that’s just becuase I dont know what others in this community know. But if I call Rush someday, will you post the call to Matzav? I promise it will be thoughtful and intelligent and that I’ll give Rush a run for his money!

  2. How about also supplying us with audio of the ben torah who asks in a good Kashe in middle of the rosh yeshivas shiur ?? Why don’t we get that here ?

  3. Why are we insulting this person’s intelligence? He asked a question and got an answer. It is his right to call and ask. Leave him alone.


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