Auschwitz Condemns GOP Rep for Video Shot Inside Gas Chamber


A Republican congressman is in hot water with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum for filming a video inside a former gas chamber at the Nazi death camp. U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana can be seen in a video posted to YouTube narrating a five-minute clip shot at Auschwitz, where he comments on the Holocaust before switching to U.S. politics. After explaining in detail how thousands of people were incinerated in gas chambers, Higgins says to the camera, “This is why Homeland Security must be squared away, why our military must be invincible.”

The Auschwitz Memorial took issue with the video, posting on Twitter on Tuesday that the former gas chamber “is not a stage”—it’s a place for “mournful silence,” adding that a sign in front of the building emphasizes that visitors must “maintain silence” out of respect for the dead. The video has since been removed from YouTube. Read more.



  1. I am a lot more bent out of shape by something I’ve been hearing on CBS radio through the day. Trump is going to Poland to commemorate the Poles – not Jews – who revolted against the Nazis. I missed that chapter in world history.

  2. That looks like the crematoria, not the gas chambers.
    I think some pple might find it offensive that you said he is in ‘hot water’ since the Nazi’s used to trick the Jews by calling it the showers.

  3. Tzippi, you must not have studied history well then.
    I suggest you study the “Polish Government-in-Exile” which were instrumental in bringing news of the atrocities of the Holocaust to the attention of the world, as well as study the history of Polish units which were organized under the Allies and fought against the Nazis on both the western and eastern fronts.

  4. Thanks, Sish! I just heard about this today. And as embarrassing as my mistake was, if anyone reads this, they too will know that the president wasn’t leaving out a word in his speech when he spoke about the Warsaw uprising. Fairly decent speech.
    I take back what I said, other than that I am not so bent out of shape about Rep. Higgins’ video.


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