Australia’s Muslim Youths Demand State-funded ‘Safe Spaces’ To Express ‘Inflammatory Views’

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An Australian Islamic council has called for taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” so young Muslims can express “inflammatory” views without fear in a move slammed as troubling and wrong on Thursday.

News of the request comes just days after a fatal shootout in Melbourne claimed by the Islamic State group, which is being treated as a terrorist incident.

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into freedom of religion, the Islamic Council of Victoria demanded funding for federal counter-terrorism and anti-extremism programmes be diverted to create the refuges. Read more at FIRSTPOST.




  1. This could be a very good idea. I hope that the government here in Australia will listen in and maybe we can catch some of these bad chaps.

  2. The Australian gubmit took away tools of self defense from the law abiding citizens, while letting in the islamonazis to the country. A recipe for a terrorist attack.

  3. ThaT Chutzpah will abound is a hallmark of pre Moschiach
    If you haven’t already shinned your dancing shoes, shine them quick!


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