Autopsy Determines Soldier Killed Wounded Terrorist, Lawyers Stick to Self-Defense

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An autopsy performed on Sunday revealed that the Palestinian killed in Chevron after committing a terror attack in March died from the final gunshot wound to the head fired by an IDF soldier, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials familiar with the autopsy results.

The incident was captured on video and has since set off a political firestorm in the country over whether the soldier’s actions were justified.

The soldier is being charged with manslaughter in a military court and is currently confined to a military base.

The 19-year-old soldier shot Abdul Fatah al-Sharif in the head on March 24 as he lay on the ground while wounded from earlier gunshot wounds.

The soldier’s identity has remained secret under a gag order.

Israel’s Supreme Court allowed the Palestinian’s family to have a doctor of their choice observe the autopsy.

The soldier’s lawyers have argued that the soldier may have thought the Palestinian was wearing explosives

Tazpit News Agency

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  1. “The soldier MAY have thought the Palestinian was wearing explosives”? The terrorist (a proven terrorist who had just stabbed a soldier) was wearing a thick coat on a warm day. The EMTs, as captured on the video (if you don’t watch the edited propaganda video put out by B’Tselem that had the sound stripped out), were yelling, “Look out! He’s still alive! He may have a bomb!” MDA’s investigation concluded the suspicion that the terrorist had a bomb was active. Even the military officer questioned in the hearing admitted that the terrorist had not been “cleared” of suspicions that he might have a bomb on him. What is so hard about this? The terrorist posed a very clear potential threat.

    • I totally agree. We’ve seen wounded terrorists jump up suddenly and start attacking again. Why take a chance? The world is going to hate us no matter what we do so we may as well stop worrying about what the UN and the EU are going to say and start doing everything in our power to protect ourselves.

  2. Are the soldiers and bystanders supposed to say to the suspected terrorist
    “Excuse me Sir (or Madame, or little Girl) for disturbing you. I don’t want to upset
    you but can you please tell me if you might be intending to explode a bomb here
    or it was just an accident that you took out a knife to peal an orange and some
    bystander walked into the knife by accident.


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