Average New York City Rent Tops $3,000 Per Month

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jimmy-mcmillanThe fact that renting an apartment in New York City is expensive is as obvious to most people as the fact that the sky is blue.

But a new report by the real estate research firm Reis Inc. said rental prices just went up.

The average rent for an apartment in New York City – excluding Staten Island – was up to $3,017.19 per month, according to a Reuters report.

By comparison, the average rent nationwide is $1,062 per month. Read a report at CBS 2 NY.

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  1. That’s the average rent for vacancies today. It isn’t the average rent that people are paying, because many have rent stabilized or controlled apartments that they’ve held for years.

    Also, many of the cheaper aprtments are rented privately and don’t show up in the statistics. The apartments that brokers deal with are the more expensive ones.

  2. The apartments for rent in the classifieds are never near $3,000.Either this is a reference to Manhattan or Manhattan causes a higher average.


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