Avraham Fried Slated to Release New Album Next Week

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avraham-fried-keep-climbingIt’s been almost six years since Avraham Fried released Bein Kach U’Bein Kach, and the time has come for the release of his next album, “Keep Climbing.”

On this album, Avraham Fried treats his listeners on a magical musical journey that takes them to new musical heights with thirteen songs.

Lending their talents to this project are composers and arrangers including: Yossi Green, Moshe Laufer, Yitzy Waldner, Yuval Stupel, Avremi G, Elimelech Blumstein, Mendy Jerufi, Meshulem Greenberger, Ruli Ezrachi, Eli Lishinsky, Naftali Shnitzler and Lipa Schmeltzer.

Avremel himself composed the title track, Keep Climbing.

The album will be released next week. It is being distributed by Sameach music and will be available on JewishJukebox.com.

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  1. Avremel you made it again!!! A very special album, with amazing songs, and most important your heavenly voice… I specially like the song about the tears… Avremel you are the greatest! KEEP CLIMBING!
    Kama tov sh’nifgashnu…..

  2. How does rubashkin come in? We are all davening for rubashkin, and can’t wait to see him free. But dedicate a new album??? What good is rubashkin gonna have from it????

  3. If an album is causing such “excitment” amongst frumah menchin instead of Torah & Mitzvoth’s, we have a serious problem on our hands! Since when do we look up to “singers” as role models?

  4. Avremel has a unique heilighe neshama — you feel it through his songs and the way he sings.. its Mlifnai Vlifnim.. Ah Krenitzer Einikel!!

  5. Yesh:
    Who said anything about “instead of torah & mitzvos”? I personally find that Avremel’s music gives me a feeling of simcha that helps me serve Hashem in a better mood.

  6. To #2: There is nothing wrong with being excited about an upcoming Jewish CD. It is the koach hanegina coming from a yiddishe hartz that serves as tremendous inspiration to many of us that are drowning in our personal daily challenges & nisyonos. And with this note it mind, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the yidishe singers out there that have the z’chus to be missoreir & mechazek the hearts of klal yisroel in this day in age!

  7. To #10

    Would you rather they look up to non Frum singers that employ impure messages into the hearts of our children? I think you are wrong and Rabbi Fried is a great Tzaddik and has brought alot of joy to Yidden around the globe.

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